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Fitness Training for Cricket

From a T20 game that is played for 3 hours to an International Test Match that stretches to 5 days, the game of cricket requires a high level of fitness for a professional player to perform effectively. In addition to the high level of skill required to play Cricket, a successful player needs good balance and core strength, speed for running between the wickets and in the field, and fast bowlers particularly need very good speed and power. Polls we have run on this site about the fitness requirements for cricket, have determined balance, coordination and speed to be most important. See more on the fitness components for Cricket.

Every cricketer needs to undergo a specific proper strength and conditioning program. A strength conditioning program helps the body to adapt quickly to sudden movements in the sport and reduces chances of bodily damage. 

Injury Prevention

There is a risk of injury in many aspects of the game. For example a batsman may damage his tennis elbow if he pulls a shot too quickly or twists his arm suddenly. Similarly a bowler may risk ligament tear or ankle damage if he twists his leg.

What to do?

A good fitness training for cricket players should include Endurance, Sprint Fitness & Speed/Agility/Quickness (SAQ), Muscular Strength, Flexibility and Cricket specific training.

cricket bowler Cricket is a lot more physical than most people realize

AEROBIC TRAINING - Aerobic exercises are 'energy generating' exercises that is extremely essential for crickets. A minimum of two low-intensity sessions a week consisting of 1 hour is required. Cycling, rowing and running are few of the popular ones.

SHUTTLE SPRINTS - Shuttle Sprints are also very important training exercise. In a typical cricket match, most sprints last for between 7 and 40 meters. So if you practise this, it'll yield you good results. Also, if possible try the sprints in your cricketing gear.

Also, it should be said that before playing any game, every player has to do a proper warm up to help body stretch up and get charged up. Warm up with proper dynamic movements will help crickets to deliver optimum performance.

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