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Cricket Combines

A combine is an assessment of players from a sport for selection to particular squads or for determining their draft prospect. Over the last few years there have been combines held in the USA for youth and senior level cricketers, to attempt to identify talent and to select national representative teams. Below is some of the information we have gathered about these combines from various online sources.

What's Involved In A Cricket Combine?

The cricket combines usually involves a camp over a few days, with players provided numerous chances to show their talents. In 2016 there was a national combine program, with assessments at eight city locations around the USA. The four-day assessment program included cricket skills, matches and fitness testing. They utilized the experienced combine testing staff of BAM Testing, the preferred testing provider of the NBA Combine.

Combines can include batting, bowling, and throwing skill based tests as well as strength and conditioning based assessments. Some of the fitness assessments that have been included in combines are the broad jump, 20-meter sprint, and the run-a-three test (a cricket specific speed and agility shuttle test to simulate three runs between the wickets).

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The combine also takes the opportunity to educate the athletes in other areas, with sessions on nutrition, preparation for competition and performing under pressure also held.

For the coaching staff, nothing beats seeing the players in action. All combines include playing time in the middle to give the players time to show their batting, bowling and fielding skills.

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