How to Get Started in Archery

by Scott Byers

Archery is a great activity that can help you relieve stress and let you enjoy the outdoors. It can even be a form of exercise! There are millions are archers all over the world, and there's no reason why you can't join them and enjoy this fine sport.

But how should you go about getting started in archery? Are you worried that it will be too expensive? Maybe you think that it will be hard to learn? Don't fret, you can get started in archery for fairly little money, and there are plenty of resources available to help you learn the craft.

You won't need to dedicate hours everyday to practice if you want to become a proficient archer. In fact, you may be able to consistently hit a target with as little as an hour of practice. However, archery some of the more advanced aspects of the sport can take years to master.

First you need to determine what you would like to do with archery. Do you want to just be a recreational shooter, or do you want to use your archery skills to hunt with? There are even archery competitions, if you wanted to get that involved in the sport.

You should locate an archery shop in your area. Preferably a place that focuses only on archery, as opposed to general sporting goods stores, as they will have a deeper understanding of archery and will better be able to assist you. Talk to the staff and try to learn more about archery, so that you can best determine which areas of the sport you would like to pursue. Many archery shops even have indoor ranges, where you can test different types of archery equipment and get a feel for your own style of shooting.

The amount of archery equipment available may be overwhelming at first, but a more experienced archer or store employee should be able to help you choose between the different types of bows, arrows, and accessories. If you are on a low budget, you should know that many archery shops will allow you to rent equipment for very reasonable prices.

You may want to consider joining a local archery club, if there is one in your area. The more experienced members will gladly teach you about archery, and you can make life-long friends as well.

Always remember to be safety-conscious while you are practicing archery. Your backyard may not be the best place to shoot, especially if you live in a more urban area where a poorly aimed arrow could injure someone. You should be able to locate an archery range within a reasonable distance from your house, where you will be able to safely practice and even meet other archers.

I hope you take action and get into the sport of archery. It can be a very rewarding pastime for you and your whole family for years to come.


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