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Archery Equipment

There is a lot more pieces of equipment needed to compete in archery than just a bow and arrow. Here are some other the other pieces of equipment needed. Note that the actual equipment needed may vary depending on the level of play, the style of archery, and the preferences of the archer. For example, some archers may prefer to use a traditional longbow, and in that case, additional equipment like the leather quiver, finger guard and arrow rest may be needed.


A bow is the device used to shoot the arrows. There are two main styles of bow used today, recurve or compound bow. Which one used will depend on the preference of the archer (see About Archery Bows and the article on Choosing the Right Archery Bow). The bowstring is a string used to attach the arrow to the bow, typically made of high-strength synthetic fibers.


The arrow is a straight, thin projectile made of aluminum, carbon fiber, or wood, with a pointed tip and feathers or vanes at the other end (see the Archery Arrow Overview). The arrow quiver is the container used to hold the arrows and carry them while shooting. See also the article Selecting Good Archery Arrows.

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