Choosing the Right Archery Stabilizer

by Scott Byers

It's important to select the right archery stabilizer that will maximize your skill and the energy behind the arrow and also to minimize vibration when shooting. It is true that a stabilizer is essentially is a series of dampers, weights, and rods that connect to your bow, but the use that one can get out of it is absolutely amazing. its general purpose is to reduce excess energy so that the accuracy of your shooting increases and oscillation of the bow upon release is dampened. So let's take a look at the different kids of stabilizer models and makes there are to choose from so you can decide which one is best for you.

For all of the above purposes, a "doinker" would be an excellent selection. It fully dissipates excess energy for a recoilless shot and absorbs shock from the bow. These doinkers vary in size and weight, anywhere from 1" to 7", 5-10 ½ oz, and ideal for keeping excess weight off your bow.

Another variation of the doinker is the "Doinker D2 4" Shorty Camo Stabilizer". This specific stabilizer is an innovative higher-density, higher-modulus 360° aero design for quieter, faster dampening power. The lightweight ribs instantly respond to even the most powerful releases for greater control with less fatigue and noise. All have a threaded hole for additional stabilizer/accessory attachment. The 4" D2 Shorty Hunter is ideal for today's short axle-to-axle, lightweight hunting bows.

The "NAP Shockblocker-500" is another great choice for those archers looking to minimize vibration and recoil in their shots and also reduce arm and hand fatigue, as shooting over and over can wear one's arm out quickly. It's important that your archery stabilizer do most of the work for you. It's 5" inches long and only weights 8 oz, very convenient to tote around doesn't bog down your bow.

The "Trophy Ridge Xchanger" has an adjustable telescoping system that adjusts from 6 1/2" to 10 1/2" in length, so you can fine tune your weight-forward balance to match your shooting needs. Extend it for increased accuracy on long-range shots at the 3-D course or collapse it for extreme hunting conditions. It is 100% fluid-free and weighs 5.5 oz. "Vibracheck Icon" stabilizers have an extremely unique design, used mostly by hunters to improve distance shots and accuracy in hitting their targets. It provides an anti-shock stabilization feature that literally eliminates any shock or kickback in shooting. Only 7" and 7 oz. it's extremely portable and doesn't weigh down the bow so as to increase distance in shooting the arrow as far as you like.

Even though it is a controversial accessory among different archers, it is likely that the archery stabilizer will be a necessity for all competitive archers at some point for one reason or another.


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