TAC Cup (Girls) Fitness Testing 2018

Here are the fitness testing results from the TAC Cup 2018 testing day, held on 10th March 2018 at Maribyrnong Secondary College. The testing involved TAC Cup players from all 12 clubs. The players took part in the standing vertical jump, running vertical jump, 20m sprints, AFL agility and the 2km time trial . More than 600 players (males and females) were put through the series of tests conducted by Rookie Me. It was a tough day to do the testing, with the temperatures reaching up to 37 degrees towards the end of the day. See also the results from the boys 2018 testing.

Girls Top 5 Results

1 Payton-Ani Ozols Western 66cm
2 Laura Amenleung Sandringham 52
=3 Tara Jasper GWV 51
=3 Caitlin Gashi Western 51
5 Ebony Jones Gippsland 50

1 Eleanor Cornish Calder 69cm
2 Ebony Jones Gippsland 65
2 Payton-Ani Ozols Western 65
4 Charlotte Wilson Eastern 64
=5 Charlotte Moon Oakleigh 60
=5 Tara Jasper GWV 60
=5 Shelley Heath Dandenong 60
=5 Jemma Owen Sandringham 60

1 Ebony Jones Gippsland 3.200s
2 Payton-Ani Ozols Western 3.308
3 Emerson Woods Eastern 3.310
4 Shelley Heath Dandenong 3.311
5 Charlotte Wilson Eastern 3.330

1 Emerson Woods Eastern 8.411s
2 Shelley Heath Dandenong 8.548
3 Tyla Hanks Gippsland 8.560
4 Sophie Damon Murray 8.582
=5 Marnie Jarvis Northern 8.653
=5 Molly McDonald Dandenong 8.653

1 Sophie Walmsley Geelong 7m 11s
2 Nina Morrison Geelong 7.27
3 Eleanor Brown Sandringham 7.41
4 Marnie Jarvis Northern 7.47
5 Magdalene Antypas Northern 7.53


source: AFL Vic Record Week 3_18

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