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TAC Cup Fitness Testing 2016

Here are the top 10 fitness testing results from the TAC Cup 2016 testing day, held on Saturday March 12 at Maribyrnong Secondary College. The session was held by AFL Victoria, with the assistance of Rookie Me. The testing involved 550 players from all TAC Cup clubs. The players took part in the standing vertical jump, running vertical jump, 20m sprints, AFL agility and the beep test.

Top-10 Results

Vertical Jump (cm)
81 Bailey Morrish (Dandenong)
81 Matt O'Connell (Oakleigh)
80 Ben Ronke (Calder)
80 Jy Lane (Murray)
78 Isaac Wallace (Murray)
78 Brodie Meyers (Calder)
78 Luke Hitch (Western)
78 Barclay Miller (Sandringham)
77 Esava Ratugolea (Murray)
76 Ben McCarthy (Geelong)

Running Jump (cm)
99 Barclay Miller (Sandringham)
96 Jordan Robinson (Western)
96 Brodie Romensky (Western)
96 Harrison Bult (Western)
95 Keegan Gray (North Ballarat)
94 Jy Lane (Murray)
93 Goy Lok (Sandringham)
93 Ben Paton (Murray)
92 Mason Marr (Murray)
91 Daniel Foley (Western)

20m Sprint (seconds)
2.829 Ben Ronke (Calder)
2.839 Lachlan Harris (Sandringham)
2.868 Matt O'Dwyer (Oakleigh)
2.883 Kale Kirby (Bendigo)
2.908 Jamaine Jones (North Ballarat)
2.91 Edan Runge (Oakleigh)
2.92 Charlie Lee (North Ballarat)
2.921 Esava Ratugolea (Murray)
2.927 Louis Beddison (North Ballarat)
2.928 Max Mitchell-Russell (Sandringham)

AFL Agility Test (seconds)
7.804 Jarrod Berry (North Ballarat)
7.81 Bailey Morrish (Dandenong)
7.91 Lochie O'Brien (Bendigo)
7.951 Peterson Kol (Geelong)
7.992 Dylan Landt (Calder)
8.003 Ben Ainsworth (Gippsland)
8.007 Mason Blakey (Northern)
8.015 Tom Williamson (North Ballarat)
8.018 Mitch Podhajski (Calder)
8.049 Billy Norris (Eastern)

Beep Test (level)
16.03 Travis Bindley (Gippsland)
16.02 Jake Bradley (Northern)
16.02 Lachlan Huppatz (North Ballarat)
15.13 Quintin Montanaro (Sandringham)
15.1 Aiden Domic (North Ballarat)
15.09 Timothy Taranto (Sandringham)
15.09 Flynn Appleby (North Ballarat)
15.09 Haydn Stanley (Eastern)
15.08 Jake Page (Murray)
15.08 Perry Lewis-Smith (Sandringham)


sources: AFL Vic Record Week 1, 2016,

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