TAC Cup Fitness Testing 2015

Here are the fitness testing results from the TAC Cup 2015 testing day, held Saturday March 7. The session was held by AFL Victoria, with the assistance of DraftStar. The testing involved over 500 players from all TAC Cup clubs. The players took part in the standing vertical jump, running vertical jump, 20m sprints, AFL agility and the beep test.

Top-10 Results

Vertical Jump: (cm)
84 Jordan Gallucci Eastern
77 Tom Templeton Nth Ballarat
77 Fraser Pearce Oakleigh
76 Christan Buykx-Smith Gippsland
76 Matthew DeBruin Gippsland
76 Wil Brodie Murray
75 Julius Battista Murray
74 Dylan McDonald Murray
74 Bailey Jordan Northern
73 Brandon White Dandenong

Running Jump: (cm)
94 Wil Brodie Murray
94 Jamieson Sheahan Geelong
93 Charlie Young Oakleigh
92 Fraser Pearce Oakleigh
92 Kyle Davis Geelong
92 Christan Buykx-Smith Gippsland
91 Baden Remmos Geelong
91 Goy Lok Sandringham
91 Tom Templeton Nth Ballarat
90 Jayden Burke Bendigo

20m Sprint: (seconds)
2.87 David Mennen Murray
2.89 Kyle Davis Geelong
2.89 Bailey Edwards Bendigo
2.90 Bailey Jordan Northern
2.91 Charlie Lee Nth Ballarat
2.92 Liam Myatt Dandenong
2.92 Jordan Gallucci Eastern
2.92 Kurt Mutimer Dandenong
2.93 Ari Sakeson Sandringham
2.93 Leigh Spiteri Western

Agility test: (seconds)
7.74 Harrison Kol Geelong
7.81 Aidyn Johnson Bendigo
7.90 Darcy Warke Dandenong
7.91 Hisham Kerbatieh Calder
7.94 Dylan McDonald Murray
7.94 Kyden Jarvis Nth Ballarat
7.97 Jarrod Berry Nth Ballarat
7.99 Todd Clode Nth Ballarat
8.02 Bailey Edwards Bendigo
8.03 Joseph Symons Nth Ballarat

Beep Test: (level)
16.06 Zachary Rouse Dandenong
16.06 Jordan Rouse Dandenong
15.11 Jake Bradley Northern
15.09 Tom Phillips Oakleigh
15.08 Brody Tardio Northern
15.07 Nelson Lane Eastern
15.07 Frank Campisi Western
15.07 Reuben Hayward Sandringham
15.06 Connor Byrne Nth Ballarat
15.05 Jacob Weitering Dandenong


source: AFL Vic Record Week 1, 2015

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