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AFL Draft Camp Results 2004

Here are the top fitness test results from the 2004 AFL draft camp. See also top draft camp results for a top performers from each year, and results from the most recent years.


Cameron Wood (West Adelaide) - 203.90cm
Fabian Deluca (Eastern Ranges) - 203.20cm
John Meesen (Geelong Falcons) - 199.30cm
Shane Neaves (Calder Cannons) - 199.00cm
Earl Shaw (Campbelltown) - 198.90cm
Adam Pattison (Northern Knights) - 197.90cm
Ivan Maric (Calder Cannons) - 197.80cm
Ryan Willitts (Northern Knights) - 197.30cm
Tom Williams (Morningside) - 196.10cm
Lance Franklin (Perth) - 195.90cm

Mass (kilograms)

Ryan Willitts (Northern Knights) - 99.9kg
Fabian Deluca (Eastern Ranges) - 97.0kg
Shane Neaves (Calder Cannons) - 96.6kg
Earl Shaw (Campbelltown) - 96.2kg
Ivan Maric (Calder Cannons) - 95.7kg
Jesse Wells (Burnie) - 93.7kg
Chad Gibson (Norwood) - 93.4kg
Heath Grundy (Norwood) - 92.2kg
Beau Wilkes (Claremont) - 90.6kg
Adam Pattison (Northern Knights) - 89.8kg

20-meter sprint

Danyle Pearce (Sturt) - 2.79sec
Richard Tambling (Southern Districts) - 2.87sec
Jordan Russell (West Adelaide) - 2.89sec
Brett Deledio (Murray Bushrangers) - 2.90sec
Jesse Wells (Burnie) - 2.95sec
Chad Gibson (Norwood) - 2.95sec
Tim Hill (Bendigo Pioneers) - 2.95sec
Chris Egan (Murray Bushrangers) - 2.95sec
Clinton Young (North Ballarat Rebels) - 2.97sec
Jarred Moore (Dandenong Stingrays) - 3.00sec

Standing vertical jump

Chad Gibson (Norwood) - 73.0 cm
Danyle Pearce (Sturt) - 70.0 cm
Tim Hill (Bendigo Pioneers) - 70.0 cm
Brett Deledio (Murray Bushrangers) - 68.0 cm
Angus Monfries (Sturt) - 68.0 cm
Matt Little (Calder Cannons) - 67.0 cm
Jordan Lewis (Geelong Falcons) - 67.0cm
Richard Tambling (Southern Districts) - 66.0cm
Jayden Attard (Dandenong Stingrays) - 66.0cm
Dean Limbach (Calder Cannons) - 65.0cm

Running vertical jump

Danyle Pearce (Sturt) - 96cm
Chris Egan (Murray Bushrangers) - 94cm
Richard Tambling (Southern Districts) - 93cm
Brett Deledio (Murray Bushrangers) - 92cm
Dean Limbach (Calder Cannons) - 90cm
Tom Williams (Morningside) - 87cm
Danny Meyer (Glenelg) - 87cm
Chad Gibson (Norwood) - 86cm
Damien McCormack (Dandenong Stingrays) - 84cm
Ryan Willitts (Northern Knights) - 83cm

Agility run

Danyle Pearce (Sturt) - 7.79sec
Nathan Van Berlo (West Perth) - 7.80sec
Andrew McQualter (Gippsland Power) - 8.00sec
Andrew Lee (Burnie) - 8.04sec
Mark Le Cras (West Perth) - 8.18sec
Dean Polo (Gippsland Power) - 8.19sec
Richard Tambling (Southern Districts) - 8.20sec
Jesse Wells (Burnie) - 8.22sec
Adam Thomson (Sturt) - 8.25sec
Jordan Russell (West Adelaide) - 8.29sec

Shuttle run

Nathan Van Berlo (West Perth) - Level 15.2
Andrew McQualter (Gippsland Power) - 15.1
Dean Polo (Gippsland Power) - 14.7
Lynden Dunn (Calder Cannons) - 14.6
Brent Prismall (Western Jets) - 14.2
Adam Pattison (Northern Knights) - 14.2
Matthew Bate (Eastern Ranges) - 14.1
Tom Williams (Morningside) - 14.1
Clinton Young (North Ballarat Rebels) - 14.1
Matt Rosa (North Ballarat Rebels) - 14.1

3km time-trail

Nathan Van Berlo (West Perth) - 10min 35sec
Tom Williams (Morningside) - 10:36
Andrew McQualter (Gippsland Power) - 10:38
Ryan Jackson (Northern Knights) - 10:40
Beau Wilkes (Claremont) - 10:42
Matt Rosa (North Ballarat Rebels) - 10:44
Dean Polo (Gippsland Power) - 10:44
John Meeson (Geelong Falcons) - 10:44
Danyle Pearce (Sturt) - 10:45
Adam Pattison (Northern Knights) - 10:46

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