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Sahara Race, Egypt

The Sahara Race is an ultraendurance race held annually in Egypt, organized by RacingThePlanet. The race is held every year, and comprises 250km, over a 7-days self-supported footrace, through the stunning and challenging landscapes of the Egyptian desert..

Adventure desert raceAdventure desert race

The first Sahara Race was in September 2005. This event is part of the annual 4 Deserts series.

Runners navigate through vast expanses of sand dunes, rocky terrain, and arid desert landscapes, facing extreme temperatures and rugged conditions along the way.

The course is designed to test the endurance and resilience of participants, with long stretches of remote wilderness and minimal support infrastructure.

Despite the challenges, the Sahara Race offers runners the opportunity to experience the raw beauty of the desert and to push themselves to their limits in pursuit of adventure and personal achievement.

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