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RacingThePlanet (where athletic frontiers begin) is a umbrella organization that organizes ultramarathon events around the world. RacingThePlanet was founded in 2002 by American Mary Gadams. The first race under its banner was the Gobi March held in September 2003 near Dunhuang, China.

The main events what are now called the 4 Deserts series (Atacama Crossing, Gobi March, Sahara Race and the Last Desert). There is another annual event which started in 2008 of similar format which moves to a different location each year and also the shorter annual RacingThePlanet 100 Ultramarathons.

4 Deserts Series

hill climbingRacingThePlanet Series

In February 2008, a fifth event was added to the RacingThePlanet calendar. This race, of similar format to the 4 Desert Series (250km, 7-days self-supported footrace), moves to a different location each year.

RacingThePlanet 100 Ultramarathons

In 2010, RacingThePlanet added a new series event which comprise 100km, (48 hours) single stage footraces : RacingThePlanet 100. The inaugural event took place in Taklamakan Desert in China's Xinjiang province – known by locals as the Sea of Death.

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