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Scalping Tickets

September 30th, 2006 · No Comments · AFL

I felt pretty special on the walk from Melbourne city centre to the MCG for the AFL grand final. We passed at least 10 people with signs begging for tickets to the game, and I had mine and I was not going to sell it. Well, if the price was right, I could be tempted.

I wonder if any of them got a last-minute ticket, though I doubt it. If someone offered me over $1000 I would have sold them mine, but that was unlikely. AFL authorities were out to stop any scalpers, so I would not be risking it close to the ground.

If I was going to try and pick up any tickets before the game, I would try the pubs or at least be further away. Actually, if I did not have tickets, which was nearly the case, I would have forgotten all about trying to get hold of any at the last minute and organised to watch the game at a friend’s place or at a pub nearby. That way you can avoid any disappointment, relax with a few drinks, hear the commentary, yell and scream whatever you want, then come out later and celebrate into the night with the crowd if your team wins.

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