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Which world athletics record will be broken next? - HJ or PV?

The men's world record for the high jump is 2.45m, which was set by the Cuban Javier Sotomayor in 1993. Not long after that, the current world record for the Pole Vault, 6.14m, was set by Ukrainian Sergey Bubka in 1994. These records had lasted quite a while, and in this poll created in 2008 we asked which one you think would be broken next.

The answer to the poll was answered definitively in 2014 when Renaud Lavillenie set a new record for pole vault of 6.16m. The high jump record still remains unbroken since 1993.

Below is a summary of your answers to that point. After a total of 237 votes, the pole vault was the most popular answer - which was right!

Sport Votes    
High Jump 90 38%
Pole Vault 126 53%
Neither - those marks will never be beaten 21 9%

Disclaimer: This poll is not designed to be scientific, we only wish to determine the opinion of visitors to this website.

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