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Athletics Facilities & Equipment

Long and Triple Jump

Plasticine is placed at the front of the take-off board in the triple and long jump so that officials will know if an athlete has overstepped the mark. A foul jump will leave a foot imprint in the strip of plasticine.

high jump matsHigh jump mats

Running Track

A standard running track has eight lanes. Each land is 1.22m wide. All tracks are run around in an anti-clockwise direction.

Photo Finish

At major athletics meets, a sprinter's time is recorded by a photo finish camera mounted above the finish line. A sensor connected to the starting gun starts a clock, and the camera measures the time as each athlete crosses the finish line. Using the photo finish camera, times can be recorded to 1/1000 of a second.

Athletics Shoes

Track and field shoes are designed to optimize athletic performance in various disciplines, with lightweight, spiked outsoles providing traction and support for sprinting, jumping, and throwing, enabling athletes to perform at their best. For distance running, the latest super shoes have enabled runniing times to significantly reduce.

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