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High Jump

The high jump event is part of track and field. The participants attempts to jump over a horizontal bar placed up high without the aid of any devices. The winner is the athlete to successfully clear the highest bar height.

The participants can begin jumping at any height which is announced by the judge, they can also pass. They then have three attempts to clear the height. If the height is cleared, they can them attempt the next height, where they will have three more attempts. Once the jumper has three consecutive misses, they are out of the competition and the highest height they cleared is their result.

The participants cannot take off on both feet; they must take off on one foot. A failed jump is when the bar is dislodged by the action of the participant while jumping. The style or technique the participants use must be flawless so that they can have a chance of clearing a high bar.

Special high jump footwear is often used for this event; the shoes have thicker soles and extra grip at the heel to provide stability and support at take off.

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