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Super Hero Ratings

I have designed my own ranking system to give each hero a rating score. Each hero is rated on five criteria which have been determined to be the most important attributes of a sporting hero. The five criteria are skill, character, family, charity and popular culture. For more details about these criteria, and why these were chosen, see What Makes a Hero?

Comparing the ratings of these heroes, we can determine the best rated hero - a superhero? Below is the top rated superheroes list based on the ratings that have been given to the current list of heroes on this site, with their average scores weighted based on the importance of each of the criteria. The table below was created in October 2012 - since then due to a malfunction the rating scores have been reset. Currently there is not many votes so it will be a while before the tables are updated again. In October 2012 Lance Armstrong was found guilty of doping during his very successful Tour de France campaigns - good rnough reason to lose his hero status.kicker

the Super Heroes List!

Here are the top 20 rated heroes (updated Oct 2012). For fans of these sports, there are not many surprises with the top few heroes, with cricketer Sachin Tendulkar tied at the top with female golfer from the past Babe Zaharias.

Rank Hero Sport weighted ave. score (%)*
1 Sachin Tendulkar cricket 60.24
2 Babe Zaharias golf 60.24
3 Michael Jordan basketball 59.73
4 Lionel Messi soccer 59.70
5 Roger Federer tennis 58.04
6 David Beckham soccer 57.88
7 Zinedine Zidane soccer 57.89
8 Michael Phelps swimming 57.88
9 Adam Gilchrist cricket 57.63
10 Pele soccer 57.17
11 Bobby Orr ice hockey 57.14
12 Nile Kinnick American Football 56.54
13 Ian Thorpe swimming 58.41
14 Johnny Unitas American Football 57.10
15 Lance Armstrong (before ban) cycling 57.10
16 Bobby Jones golf 56.47
17 Ricky Ponting cricket 56.29
18 Greg Louganis swimming 56.61
19 Muhammad Ali boxing 58.22
20 Manny Pacquiao boxing 56.45

* the score weighting is based on the rating vote in each of the hero categories, weighted by the importance rating and then a factor based on the number of votes.


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