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Olympic Games Nutrition in Athens 2004

The food supplied for the athletes at the Olympic Village needs to cater to a diversity of sports, cultures, ages and special dietary needs. Here is some information about the Olympic Village food menu for Athens in 2004. See more about Olympic Village nutrition and links to information about the food supplied at other Olympic Games.

2004 Athens, Greece

The 2004 Olympic Games food operations was run by a U.S.-based company Aramark (who also provided the food in Atlanta), in partnership with the Greek company Dasko. The meals were served at the 6,000-seat main Olympic dining hall. The meals had an international flavor as required to cater to the large range of nationalities present, as well as highlighting Greek dishes such as halva, baklava, and spanakopita.

Prior to the games, they planed to use nearly 3,000 gallons (11,000 liters) of olive oil, fifty-two thousand pounds (24,000 kilograms) of cheese, including feta, kasseri, and houlimi, with Greek farmers providing most of the vegetables, meats, and fruits consumed at the Village.

(reference: National Geographic News - "Ancient Olympians Followed 'Atkins' Diet, Scholar Says")

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