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Artistic Gymnastics at the Olympics

Artistic gymnastics is a gymnastics discipline that is contested during the Olympics by both men and women. There are currently a total of eight medal events for men and six medal events for women. The men's events have been a part of the Olympics since the inaugural games in 1896. The women's program was added later in 1928.

Athletes compete on different apparatus such as vaults, bars and beams, as well as in 'floor' routines.

The ex-Soviet Union has been the most successful nation in the history of the games. In the men's events, they have won a total of 94 medals, which includes 39 gold medals. Japan is a close second with a total of 89 medals including their 29 gold medal wins. But unlike many other Olympic events, there is a lot of parity in men's artistic gymnastics where 27 nations have won gold medals and 33 nations have won at least one medal.

The ex-Soviet Union has dominated the women's events with 88 total medals including 33 gold medals. Women from Romania have won 22 gold medals and a total of 57 medals. Japanese women, in stark contrast to the country's men, have just won one bronze medal thus far.

Both the men and women from the United States currently hold the third spot in the all-time medal winners list with 60 and 37 total medals respectively.

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