Early Olympic Gymnastics Competitions

Early Olympic gymnastics competitions had unique events, some with unusual names. Here are the events which were an official part of the Olympic program.

There was also a demonstration of Ling Gymnastics at the 1948 Games. There are some references to the "flying rings" gymnastics event at early Olympic Games, though it is believed that the event may have been the still rings, as it currently performed.

Rope Climb 1896, 1904, 1906, 1924, 1932
Team (Horizontal Bars) 1896
Team (Parallel Bars) 1896
Triathlon 1904
Combined 4 Events 1904
Club Swinging 1904, 1932
Team (Swedish System) 1912, 1920
Team (Free System) 1912, 1920
Side Horse Vault 1924
Tumbling 1932


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