BMX at the Olympics

BMX racing event is a part of the Cycling discipline in the Olympics, and is conducted for both men and women. The event was included, simultaneously for both men and women, very recently during the 2008 during the Beijing Olympics.

Though the event has a very short history in the Olympics, Maris Strombergs of Latvia has already made a significant impact by winning the gold medal twice, in 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Games. The United States was successful in the inaugural Olympics where Mike Day and Donny Robinson won the silver and bronze medals, but was held out of the podium in the recent 2012 Olympics, and were replaced by Sam Willoughby of Australia and Carlos Mario Oquendo Zabala of Columbia for the silver and bronze medals.

In the women's event, Anne-Caroline Chausson of France won the gold medal in the inaugural 2008 event and the silver medal went to compatriot Laetitia Le Corguille. Jill Kintner of the United States secured the bronze medal. In the most recent 2012 Olympics, neither France nor the United States were able to find a place in the podium. Mariana Pajon of Columbia, Sarah Walker of New Zealand, and Laura Smulders of the Netherlands won the gold, silver and bronze medals respectively.

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