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San Marino at the Olympics

One of the smallest nations in the world, San Marino, made its maiden appearance in the Summer Olympic Games in 1960 in Rome. They next appeared in 1968 in Mexico, and have attended every Games ever since.

In 2012, the European nation sent four athletes in the sports of archery, athletics, shooting and swimming. The nation went close to winning its first medal with Alessandra Perilli in the women's trap event. She actually ended up tied for second place with two other competitors but she faltered in the shoot-out and missed the podium finishing fourth.

San Marino sent four athletes to the Rio Games in 2016, competing in shooting and track and field.

In 2021 in Tokyo, the country sent five athletes in the sports of judo, shooting, swimming and wrestling. It was in the shooting event in which they finally tasted success, with Alessandra Perilli winning the country's first-ever medal, a bronze in the women's trap shooting event. In doing so, with a population of fewer than 35,000, San Marino became the least populous nation to ever take home an Olympic medal.

What a Olympic campaign in 2021 they had! Perilli added to the first-ever medal, two days later winning a silver with Gian Marco Berti in the Mixed Trap Team final. Another medal was won by Myles Amine in the men's freestyle wrestling 86 kg category.

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