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San Marino is a small landlocked country in Europe. Along with many other countries, it considers football as its most popular sport.

Massimo Bonini is a retired San Marinese footballer and coach, who played as a midfielder for Italian sides BellariaIgea Marina, Forlì, Cesena, Juventus and Bologna. Massimo Bonini began his career at Juvenes Dogana in 1973 but failed to make a league appearance during his 4 years at the club. After leaving Juvenes Dogana in 1977, he moved on to join Bellaria to make 33 appearances scoring 1 goal.

Since the San Marino Football Federation was not officially recognized by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) until 1990, players from San Marino usually played in Italy. For this reason, Bonini was entitled to play for the Italian Football Federation and actually played for the Italian Under-21 football team. Since he always refused to give up the citizenship of San Marino, he had to wait until 1990 in order to play for San Marino's first team, winning 19 full caps since then. He played his first match for San Marino against Switzerland in 1990.

Many other sporting teams and athletes play in Italy due to the lack of facilities and lack of competition in San Marino.

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rider at the San Marino MotoGPrider at the San Marino MotoGP (which is not actually in San Marino)

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