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Hong Kong at the Olympics

Hong Kong was first represented in the Summer Games the year after their NOC was recognized by the IOC, in 1951. The recognicion of the NOC meant that Hong Kong had a separate representation in the Olympics even though they were still under British rule. When the sovereignty of Hong Kong was officially transferred to China in 1997, their NOC was renamed Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China, though they are still able to compete as a separate team.

At the 1952 Helsinki Olympics, Hong Kong had four athletes representing them. From that point on, they have an almost perfect attendance record in the Summer Games missing only the 1980 Summer Games held in Moscow as show of support to the US-led boycott of the said Games.

However, since their debut in 1952, Hong Kong did not win an Olympic medal until 44 years later when female sailor Lee Lai Shan won the gold for women's sailboard in Atlanta, Georgia, USA therefore becoming Hong Kong's first Olympic gold medalist.

Hong Kong had to wait until 2004 before they got another Olympic medal when the table tennis doubles' team of Ko Lai Chak and Li Ching won the silver in Athens, Greece. Later at the same Olympics, female cyclist Lee Wai Sze won the bronze in women's keirin event therefore becoming Hong Kong's first Olympic bronze medalist.

Hong Kong also started competing in the Winter Games in 2002 when they sent speed skaters Tsoi Po Yee and Christy Ren to represent them in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. From that point on, Hong Kong has been competing in the Winter Games.


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