Grenada at the Olympics

The Grenada Olympic Committee was formed in 1984 and was recognized internationally that very same year. This also meant that they were able to attend and participate in the 1984 Summer Olympics which was held in Los Angeles, California, USA. Jhointh Bartholomew was the first Grenadian Olympian and the first Grenadian woman to represent the country to the Olympics but she will not be the last.

At the next Summer Games, the country was again represented by a single woman. Marathon runner Arlene Vincent Mark was the sole representative of Grenada to the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. Those two were the only times that Grenada was represented by a single athlete.

Grenada had to wait until 2012 to taste Olympic victory and a victory it truly was. Kirani James was the youngest of the Grenadian Olympic delegation to London in 2012 at the age of 19. He was also the flag-bearer of the team which was perhaps quite fitting because he went on and became Grenada's first Olympic medalist. He won the gold in men's 400 meters winning not just his country's first ever Olympic medal but its first gold.

The island of spice, as it is more famously known as, has never been to the Winter Olympics.



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