Cambodia at the Olympics

Cambodia's National Olympic Committee was established in 1983 which was officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee in 1994 but their first ever participation was in the 1956 Summer Games.

The 1956 Summer Games was officially hosted by Melbourne, Australia. But Cambodian athletes were not in Australia. Cambodia participated in the 1956 Summer Games by sending equestrians Isoup Ghanty and Pen Saing to Stockholm, Sweden three months prior to the official opening in Australia because of Australia's equestrian regulations. Both equestrians were not able to advance.

Cambodia opted out in the 1960 Summer Games then returned in 1964 Summer Games in Tokyo, Japan. They again missed the 1968 Mexico Games and came back for the 1972 Games in Munich, Germany. Cambodia was absent in the Summer Games from 1976 Montreal Games all the way to 1992 Barcelona Games. They came back in 1996 and have never missed a single outing since then.

With all their participation in the Summer Games, Cambodia is yet to win their first ever Olympic medal. Cambodia has also never been represented in the Winter Games.


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