Olympic Gymnastics Team Event

Team gymnastics was an event that was contested as a part of the Olympics in 1912 and 1920 and was later discontinued. The event was contested by teams of at least 16 and not more than 40 gymnasts.

There were two types of team competition, one with a free system and other with a Swedish system, the difference being that the free style allowed for a free choice of apparatus and movements.

In 1912, five teams with a total of 105 gymnasts took part in the free style event in which Norway, Finland and Denmark took the gold, silver and bronze medals respectively. 74 athletes form only three teams took part in the Swedish style event in which Sweden took the gold, Denmark took silver and Norway ended with bronze.

In 1920, only two teams, Denmark and Norway, contested in the free style team event with a total 46 gymnasts. Denmark won the gold medal and Norway took the silver medal. In the Swedish style event, Sweden, Denmark and Belgium were the only teams that contested with a total of 76 participating gymnasts. Sweden took the gold medal, Denmark won silver and Belgium ended up with the bronze medal.

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