Olympic Gymnastics Tumbling

Tumbling was a short lived gymnastics event at the 1932 Games, held on the 10 August. The tumbling event involves tumbling along a 2” wide 60’ long horsehair strip doing flips and twists.

The only Olympic Champion was Rowland "Flip" Wolfe of the United States (see tumbling video). Wolfe's key move was the backflip with a double twist, which helped him to become the youngest ever male Olympic gymnastics champion - he was 17 years and 307 days old when he won the tumbling event. Tumbling now is incorporated in the modern gymnastics floor apparatus routines.


  1. Rowland Wolfe (USA) 18.900
  2. Edward Gross (USA) 18.670
  3. William Hermann (USA) 18.370
  4. István Pelle (Hungary) 15.430

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