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A physical education teacher is someone who works in schools to teach about health, fitness, nutrition and sports. They are sometimes also known by the shortened name of Phys Ed or PE teachers.

What does a physical education teacher do?

Teachers of Physical Education can be employed at the elementary through to college level. They teach about health, fitness, nutrition and sports. They usually incorporate both a classroom component and an outdoor or gym class component into their program. Lecturers at the college or university level (requiring a PhD, Masters or other post-graduate qualifications) often conduct research too. Many PE teachers are called upon to perform other teaching duties, such as administrative tasks or teaching other academic subjects to students.

How to become a physical education teacher

If you wish to teach physical education at the elementary or secondary school level, a 4-year university undergraduate degree is usually required, such as a Bachelor of Science degree in athletic training and physical education, or a similar degree. Within a physical education degree program, there may be various concentrations from which to choose, such as exercise science or health promotion. Once you have gained your qualifications, you will also need a teaching certificate for the level you want to teach, and be certified by the state in which you want to teach. More on courses.

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