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A Career In Sports Coaching

What does a coach do?

Sports coaches are responsible for getting sporting teams or individuals ready to compete, and even guide them through their event. Extra duties may include recruiting players, developing game strategies, and teaching the skills of the sport. A coach requires good planning and organization skills. They need to be able to relate to their athletes and coaching staff, and get the best out of the people around them.

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How do I become a coach?

Coaches come from a wide range of areas, from ex-competitors, parents, teachers and even fans just interested in that sport, all with one thing in common - a passion for coaching.

To get into coaching, you can start off gaining experience in a club or school environment. This way your skills can develop as your team develops, and over time you can learn and grow your own style of coaching.

In addition to getting first hand experience, you should also be completing coaching courses. Most national coaching bodies run or accredit courses that can be done to give you coaching skills and knowledge. These courses usually follow a level system, from junior introductory coaching to top level elite coaching qualifications. They also advance from generic basic coaching to sport-specific courses. It is also possible to gain qualifications from university level courses in sports coaching, as well as exercise physiology, psychology and biomechanics, which can only enhance your coaching knowledge. More on courses.

Mentoring is another a great way to move forward in your coaching. Many great coaches were once assistants to another great coach, where they were able to use their mentor as a sounding board for ideas and questions on coaching, and to mold some of their coaching style and skills into their own.

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If you are a coach, consider expanding your knowledge by studying sports coaching and advance your career in sports coaching.

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