Sporting Highlights for 1968

Here are some of the sporting highlights in the world of sport for 1968. The major events of this year in sport were the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.

It was the year of the Olympics, and Norway came out on top in the Winter Games. There was a major drama in the downhill skiing event. Jean-Claude Killy of France initially had the fastest time. But Karl Schranz of Austria was awarded a restart after he claimed his run was interrupted by a mysterious man in black. Schranz had a faster time and was awarded the gold which was soon disqualified by an appeal and the gold was given back to Killy.
The Summer Olympics was held in Mexico City. The greatest achievement belonged to Bob Beamon of the United States. He set an Olympic record at 8.90m (29ft 2½in) which still stands after almost five decades. Black Americans, Tommie Smith and John Carlos who won the gold and bronze medals in the 200m race, made black-gloved fists in support of civil rights for which both received a lifetime ban from the Olympics.

It was the beginning of the open era in tennis where professionals were also allowed to compete with amateurs in grand slam events. The open era began with the French Open that year. Arthur Ashe won the US Open that year to become the first and the only black player to this date to win the title.

In the 19th edition of the Formula One season, Graham Hill won the driver's championship for the second time and the last time of his career.

In the second-ever Super Bowl, Green Bay were again victorious.

See some videos from the world of sport in 1968. Below is a timeline of some significant results in the world of sport for the year 1968.

Date Results
Jan Tennis Australia Open won by Bill Bowrey and Billie Jean King
Feb Super Bowl held in Miami won by Green Bay.
Feb 6-18 Winter Olympic Games were held in Grenoble, France
April Golf Masters won by Bob Goalby
May Tennis French Open won by Ken Rosewall and Nancy Richey
June Golf US Open won by Lee Trevino
July the Cycling Tour de France won by Jan Janssen
July Tennis Wimbledon won by Rod Laver and Billie Jean King
July Golf The Open Championship won by Gary Player
Aug Golf US PGA won by Julius Boros
Sep Tennis US Open won by Arthur Ashe and Virginia Wade
Oct The Baseball World Series won by Detroit Tigers
Oct 12-27 Summer Olympic Games were held in Mexico City, Mexico

Please note that the dates for past events are not always known, and are sometimes just placed in the month that the current event is held. If no exact date is listed, then it is just an estimated month that it was held.

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