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When Are the Most Searches Made for Online Sports Streaming?

Watching your favorite online sports is easier than ever. In the age of digital streaming, wherever you are on earth, you can tune into your favorite international, national, and even local sports online. There are also more choices than ever, from dedicated sports services to cable and streams in website browsers. However, there are some times of the year when the craze for online sports becomes much more frantic. Below, we discuss the most searched sporting weekends of 2022.

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Weekend Before NFL Opening

The weekend before the NFL season opening is a hot time for online sports searches. According to ExpressVPN’s survey on the factors that drive sports streaming in the US, football is one of the most searched-for sports online, with only basketball coming close behind. In 2022, this made September the 4th a hotbed of activity.

This is understandable. Pre-season games are just coming to a halt and fans begin getting a rough idea of how their team is being constructed and put together. Many of these televised events are in-house productions, so many people began to find out what networks and services will be showing the opening games. Aside from this, people are eager to discover how new players and old ones are stacking up, and so are frantically devouring news online.

Weekend Before March Madness

March 11th, 2022 was the weekend before the start of March Madness. For those not familiar with the event, it is the NCAA men's basketball tournament for the first division. It features 68 teams in a knockout event, who carry on until only one is left and crowned the winner.

This weekend is so popular due to Selection Sunday. This is the day when the NCAA gives out the full tournament bracket and seeds. Essentially, fans get to find out who their team plays in the given rounds, and who are the favorites to win. It is popular as it is also a favored time for many fans to get in online sports bets, while the odds are good ahead of the tournament.

French Open French Open

French Open Quarterfinals

Last year's Roland-Garros French Open quarterfinals were a match-up for the ages. May 31st, 2022 saw Nadal vs Djokovic, two of tennis's greatest stars, go head to head. The Serbian, Novak Djokovic, went into the bout leading Nadal by 30 wins to 28, after a 16-year rivalry that had seen them play against each other 58 times.

Nadal, just approaching his 36th birthday, went into the bout with a recurring injury to his foot flaring up, putting his career in jeopardy. Eventually, he put in a fierce performance to seal a four-set win. Searches for the game were boosted by many checking the regular updates on this heated encounter and wondering where they could watch the game. 

Other Sporting Events

Many other huge sporting events took place in 2022. The UFC fight between Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington was another, and globally the soccer World Cup was a hit. In the coming year, as sport reaches a bigger global audience, these searches are sure to increase.

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