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World Superstars Results List

The Superstars TV show has been shown on US and UK TV since 1973. In this show athletes from a range of sports battle it out against each other to determine the greatest athlete. Here are the winners of the World Superstars challenge, which ran from 1977 to 1982. There was also a European Challenge that started in 1975, and superstar series in other countries, results listed below. See also the UK Superstars Results and US Superstars Results.

Year Athlete Nationality Sport
1977 Bob Seagren USA Pole Vault
1978 Brian Budd Canada Soccer
1979 Brian Budd Canada Soccer
1980 Brian Budd Canada Soccer
1981 Jody Scheckter South Africa Formula One
1982 Brian Hooper UK Pole Vault

Other International Superstars

Here are results from Superstar competitions that have been held around the world, other than the main series in the US and UK.

European Superstars

Year Athlete Nationality Sport
1975 Kjell Isaksson SWE Pole Vault
1976 Kjell Isaksson SWE Pole Vault
1977 Ties Kruize NED Field Hockey
1978 = Ties Kruize NED Field Hockey
1978 = Brian Jacks GBR Judo
1979 Brian Jacks GBR Judo


Year Athlete Sport
1976 Tony Gabriel Football
1977 Brian Budd Soccer
1978 Brian Budd Soccer
1979 Brian Budd Soccer
1980 Gaetan Boucher Speed Skating

New Zealand Superstars

Year Athlete Sport
1976 Peter Snell 800/1500 Meters
1977 Grant Batty Rugby
1978 Grant Batty Rugby
1979 Grant Batty Rugby

Ireland Superstars

Year Athlete Sport
1978 Pat Spillane Gaelic Football
1979 Bernard Brogan Gaelic Football
1980 Declan Burns Kayaking
1981 Gerry Loftus Trampolining

Sweden Superstars

Year Athlete Nationality Sport
1996 Ingemar Stenmark Sweden Alpine Skiing
1997 Mattias Sunneborn Sweden Long Jump
1998 Thomas Ahlsgard Norway Nordic Skiing

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