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Superstars UK TV Series Results

The Superstars TV show has been shown on UK BBC-TV since 1973. In this show athletes from a range of sports battle it out against each other to determine the greatest athlete. Here are the winners of each season that has been telecast since 1973, with the sport they represent. See also the US Superstars Results.

Year Athlete Sport
1973 David Hemery athletics
1974 John Conteh boxing
1975 -  
1976 David Hemery athletics
1977 Tim Crooks rowing
1978 Brian Jacks judo
1979 Brian Jacks judo
1980 -  
1981 * Keith Fielding rugby league
1982 Brian Hooper athletics
1983 Brian Hooper athletics
1984 Gary Cook athletics
1985 Robin Brew swimming
1986-2001 -  
2002 Austin Healey rugby union
2003 Du'aine Ladejo athletics
2004 -  
2005 Alain Baxter Skiing

* In 1981 there was also a "Challenge of Champions", won by rugby league player Keith Fielding.

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