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The youngsters of Palau plays a lot of sports which includes volleyball, basketball, softball and athletics.

As an effort of the government to further the youth's interest in sports, the Interscholastic School League was introduced and has been going on for quite some time now among the Palau high schools which includes sports like basketball, indoor and beach volleyball, beach wrestling, softball, swimming, athletics and a whole lot more. 

But baseball is by far the most popular of the games played in Palau which was introduced, not by any western country but by the Japanese in the early 1920's. Their national baseball team has taken the gold in the 1990, 98 and 2010 Micronesian Games and in the 2007 Pacific Games.

There are also various annually held sports tournaments like the National Basketball League for men and women, the Palau Major League, the Volleyball Leagues along with other several softball leagues which are often open to all ages. There are also tennis tournaments, table tennis tournaments, triathlons, canoeing and swimming tournaments. There are also wrestling and weightlifting matches year round.

Palau first joined the Olympic Games in the 2000 Sydney Games but is yet to participate in the Winter Games. As of the 2012 London Games, they are yet to take home any Olympic medal.

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