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Children in Norway play a wide variety of games that don’t require technology. Some of which is Gjemsel or hide and seek, Tikken or tag, and the most popular is the Stiv Heks or Stiff Witch in English. In this game, the “witch” has to “freeze” everyone to be the winner. The young also play card games such as Gnav, Vri Atter, Gris, and Mattis.

There is a popular expression about Norwegians that says “Norwegians are born with skis”. This is mostly due to the fact that a large part of the country is covered in snow. Cross-country skiing and all forms of skating are the country’s national past time. Norway also has an excellent record in Track and Field, particularly in long distance running.

Norway had produced successful athletes in  many fields of sports. Sonja Henie, a figure skater, is one of the famous athletes in Norway. Henie captured gold medals in the 1928,1932, and 1936 Winter Games. For the Track and Field was Erik Tysse who competed at four editions of the world championships in athletics. He also represented Norway at the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics. Lastly, Ingri Kristiansen was regarded to be the one of the best female long distance runner during the 1980s and the first athlete to win world titles on all three surfaces.

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Skiing competitions were introduced in the 18th century. The Holmen Kollen Ski Festival is now held annually and still attracts numerous of people.

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