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Basse is a bag ball game that originated in Norway, and is mainly played only in a few counties within the country. The sport is played with a ball, called "Basse", that is made out of straps of old bicycle tires or rubber bands stringed together. The ball is made such that it does not bounce.

The field used to play basse has a mid-field circle about 1.5 m diameter, around which are circles or squares representing a players region. A match is ideally played with 5 or 6 players. Basse is an individual sport where each player competes against all others.

The objective of each player is to prevent the ball from landing on their region, while simultaneously trying to land it on other players regions. The ball cannot be struck with hands, besides that any part of the body can be used.

The sport uses a negative scoring method, where if the ball falls on a players region, they receive one negative point. The player to receive a fixed number of negative points first gets eliminated. Players are eliminated one at a time till only two players are left. The final two players play in a sudden-death format, where the first to score a goal wins, immaterial of the points scored earlier.

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