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Norway at the Winter Olympic Games

Norway made its debut at the 1924 Chamonix Winter Olympic Games and has taken part at all Winter Olympics since then. The Scandinavian nation is a powerhouse in cross-country skiing, speed skating, biathlon, Nordic combined, alpine skiing and ski jumping. It is the most successful of all countries at the Winter Olympic Games, having won the most number of medals, a surprising record considering it is a country of just over 5 million people.

The Nordic nation happens to be one of only three countries alongside Austria and Liechtenstein to capture more medals at the Winter Games than at the Summer Games, and have won the most number of medals ever nudging out sporting powers such as the United States, Russia and Germany. The total medal count for Norway in 2018 was 39, a record for the most medals won at a single Winter Olympics, surpasing the 37 medals won by the United States (whose population is more than sixty-times that of Norway's) at Vancouver in 2010.


Nowegian athletes hold the top three spots of the most successful athletes at the Winter Olympics. The most medals won by any athlete at the Winter Olympic Games is 15 by cross-country skier Marit Bjørgen (8 gold, 4 silver, 3 bronze). Next best is biathlete Ole Einar Bjoerndalen with a total of 13 medals (8 gold), followed by cross-country skier Bjorn Dählie with 12 medals (8 gold).

Einar Landvik in Chamonix in 1924Norwegian Einar Landvik competing in Chamonix in 1924


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