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Mozambique, though many people are not familiar with this country, you simply can’t avoid the fact that this country is also very enthusiastic when it comes to sports. There are many western sports that can be found in the country and the most popular of which is football. 

EusébioEusébio kicking the ball in 1965

Football or Soccer is one of the spectator sports that the people in Mozambique are quite excited to watch and eagerly wait for. There are other sports that are popular in the country such as basketball and volleyball. Traditional sports in Mozambique are also gaining grounds such as Butterfly, named after the shape of the board, and Capoeira which is a form of martial arts. Although capoeira is more commonly associated with Brazil, there are a lot of people who actually practice it in Mozambique.

Eusébio, considered one of the greatest football players of all time, was born in Mozambique, which was at the time was a Portuguese colony. Other great players that came from Mozambique include Abel Fernando Miglietti and Alberto da Costa Pereira (goal keeper).

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