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Laos is a landlocked country in the Southeast Asian region. As with most of the region, Laos loves sports and football is by far the most popular in the country.

Their national sport is Muay Lao that has close resemblance to Thailand's Muay Thai, Malaysia's Tomoi, Burmese Lethwei, and Cambodian Pradal Serey. But for the general public of Laos, there is great love for the sport of football. They have established their national football team in 1951 but are yet to receive any invitation from any of the major international football competitions.

Their national sport is called Sepak Takraw. It is a mixture of volleyball and football. Volleyball because there is a net between the two competing teams that they have to volley the ball over and football because the players are not allowed using their hands. They make contact with the ball using their feet, chest, head and knees.

Sports play a crucial role in the society of Laos and they are one of the founding countries of the Southeast Asian Games in 1959. They have never competed in the Winter Olympics but has been in the Summer Olympic Games since 1980 but are yet to grab their first medal.

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