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Officially referred to as the Commonwealth of Dominica, it is an island state located in the Lesser Antilles area of the Caribbean Sea. It is a relatively small country with a proportionally decent sports scene.

The most popular sport in Dominica is cricket and they are under the British Windward Islands Cricket Control Board despite technically being an independent state due to the fact that they were a part of it since 1940 and because they play as part of the Windward Islands team.

The Dominica Olympic Committee was first formed in 1993 and was verified by the International Olympic Committee in 1998 which was 20 years after their independence. They have sent athletes to the Olympic Games since the 1996 Atlanta Games and have participated ever since.

An interesting fact about Dominica when it comes to the Winter Games is that they first participated in Sochi, Russia. The country was represented by two athletes, Gary di Silvestri and Angela Morrone di Silvestri who competed in cross-country skiing and had to spend $175,000 to be resigtered as Dominican athletes. Gary pulled out of the race after a few hundred meters while Angela did not participate from the start.

Dominican children play netballDominican children play netball

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