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Dominica at the Olympics

Dominica is a very small island country located in the Caribbean Sea which was under British rule and was only recognized as an independent nation in 1978. As part of the West Indies Federation, Dominica were represented at the 1960 Olympic Games, though no athletes from Dominica were in the team.

Their national Olympic committee was formed in 1993 but was only recognized by the International Olympic Committee in 1998. However, they were present at the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta, Georgia, USA where they were represented by five runner (Cedric Harris, Steve Agar, Jérôme Romain, Hermin Joseph and Dawn Williams) and swimmer Woodrow Lawrence. Of the six-athlete delegation that Dominica had in 1996, only one athlete advanced to the finals, Jérôme Romain, who managed to snag the 12th place overall for the triple jump.

As a matter of fact, since their debut to the Summer Games, Romain is the only Dominican athlete who had reached the final stage of competition.

In 2012, Dominica has also debuted in the Winter Games by sending cross-country skiers Gary di Silvestri (for the men's 15 km classical) and Angelica di Silvestri (for the women's 10 km classical) both of whom was not able to advance to the finals.

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