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Below are details of sports, sporting events and sports people related to Curaçao. Curaçao is one of the four constituent countries that form the Kingdom of the Netherlands, together with the Netherlands, Aruba, and Sint Maarten. Curaçao only came into existence as a country after the dissolution of Netherlands Antilles in 2011, so for information about sport in this area before this time see the page for Netherlands Antilles.

The island country of Curaçao is located in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea just off the coast of Venezuela. Baseball is their most popular sport and they have been making a lot of international impact and produced some of the most recognizable names in the international baseball stage. In 2004, their Little League team from the capital of Willemstad, Curaçao won the top place when they beat the United States' team from California. That champion team includes Jurickson Profar in its line-up who later on was drafted by the Texas Rangers in the United States' Major League Baseball.

Curaçaoans were also drafted for the Netherlands team for the 2006 World Baseball Classic that included Shairon Martis who was born in Willenstad and also made a name for throwing a seven-inning no-hitter game when they went up against Panama. They also played in the CARIFTA Games in 2013 where Kevin and Vanessa Philbert took third in the under-20 long jump (male) and second in the under-17 1500m run respectively.

Curaçao is also a great place for windsurfing because of the trade winds and warm water but the relatively deep water makes it hard to put up markings to host any major windsurfing event and thus hinders the country's possible success as far as being a windsurfing destination. But at the same time, the deep clear water makes the Curaçao island a great place to do other water recreational activities like snorkeling and SCUBA diving.

Although officially a country, Curaçao is not eligible for inclusion into the Olympics as an independent nation. Athletes from this region competed at the 2012 London Olympic Games as independent athletes, and for any following Games they may participate as either part of Aruba or The Netherlands proper. The three athletes who represented the region in 2012 all came from Curaçao: Reginald De Windt (Judo), Liemarvin Bonevacia (400m), and Philipine van Aanholt (Sailing).

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