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PRT Elliptical Trainer Test (or Stationary Cycle)

The Elliptical Trainer Test involves 12 minutes exercise on an elliptical trainer or stationary cycle. This test forms part of the Navy Physical Readiness Test (PRT), performed by US Navy personnel every six months. Either a 12-minute elliptical or stationary cycle test is available as an alternative to the 1.5 mile run test, as is the 500 yard swim test.

purpose: The elliptical trainer / stationary cycle test measures aerobic fitness and leg muscles endurance. This test provides a challenge equal to the 1.5 mile run with much less impact to the lower extremities.

equipment required: Elliptical trainer or stationary cycle. The authorized models of elliptical trainers for the official PRT test include: the Life Fitness (models CT 9500 HR, 95 XI, 91 X1 and 91X), Percor model EFX-Navy and Nautilus model E9.16. - or Stationary Cycle. The only authorized stationary cycle for the PRT is the Life Fitness (Model 95 CI).

pre-test: Explain the test procedures to the subject. Perform screening of health risks and obtain informed consent. Prepare forms and record basic information such as age, height, body weight, gender and test conditions. Check the equipment and calibrate if necessary. Perform a standard warm-up. See more details of pre-test procedures.

procedure: This is a 12-minute fixed-time test. The aim of the test is to burn as many calories as possible during the 12-minutes. Those who intend to use on of these equipment to perform their cardio PRT option should familiarize themselves with the working of the apparatus, and with all safety mechanisms. Authorization from commanders and officers-in-charge is also required. Adequate practice is necessary to know the required effort required to maximize performance over the 12 minutes. Prior to beginning the elliptical trainer test, the participants body weight must be entered. The resistance/load may be varied throughout the test, and the revolutions can be adjusted by the participant. The total calories burned is determined from the bike output. The cycle and elliptical test event is failed when the participant terminates the event prior to the 12 minutes, such as stopping to rest, stopping the machine, standing up on the cycle, and removing hands from the handlebars (other than required to momentarily adjust resistance or for comfort).

scoring: The total calorie output has been correlated with the results to the 1.5 mile run. The caloric output will be converted into a run time, which can then be compared to the standard run performance charts to determine the PRT score.

target population: this test is used as part of the PRT for those sailors which need to reduce the shock associated with running and decrease the risk of further damage to those with previous lower extremity injuries. Commanders and officers-in-charge maintain discretion in authorizing the use of the elliptical trainer for the physical readiness test.

comments: This test was first used as an alternative for the cardio portion of the PRT beginning with the Spring 2007 physical fitness cycle.

references: US Navy website.

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