30-15 Intermittent Fitness Test (30-15 IFT)

30-15 Intermittent Fitness Test (30-15 IFT) (and the similar Interval Shuttle Run Test (ISRT)), is an intermitent fitness test created by Martin Buchheit (2008), to more closely replicate the demands of intermittent sports compared to the standard beep test. Unlike in the beep test, where athletes run continuously with increasing speed every minute, this test involves 30 seconds of running alternated with 15 seconds of walking. The Yo-Yo intermittent tests is another intermittent type beep test.

VO2max (ml.kg-1.min-1) = 28.3 – (2.15 x G) – (0.741 x A) – (0.0357 x W) + (0.0586 x A x VIFT) + (1.03 x VIFT) 

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