Anaerobic Type Shuttle Tests

Shuttle run tests involve repetitive running back and forth, either over the same distance, or with changing distances. There are many shuttle type fitness tests, from short duration high intensity tests measuring speed and agility, to longer and slower paced tests measuring aerobic fitness (and many in-between). Here is a list of the anaerobic type shuttle tests, high-intensity runs conducted over a medium distance and duration.

About Anaerobic Shuttle Tests

Anaerobic shuttle run tests require the participant to run back and forth between lines or markers, as quickly as possible. Some tests use a set distance to shuttle between, others may use a ladder shuttle, in which the shuttle distance changes with each run. These are maximal tests, with the quickest time to complete the course recorded. The distance covered for these tests range from 50 to 300 meters.

Anaerobic Shuttle Tests


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