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Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE) Table

This table, based on the research of Gunnar Borg from Stockholm University, is handy for quantifying the intensity of exercise. It is used in some research for that purpose, but may also be used in training programs to describe the intensity of training sessions.

borg rpe rating scale

There are several versions of this scale. There is a similar Borg CR10 scale which has the RPE ratings between 0 and 10. The following table has the scale between 6 and 20. This is made to correspond to the heart rate level (divided by 10) as well as the perceived exertion, e.g. when someone gives a rating of somewhat hard (rating 13), you may also find that their heart rate is approximately 130 beats per minute (13 x 10).

You may notice that the rating of 'extremely light' is located at 7.5, as per the original scale as published by Borg. Many rating tables online have the extremely light incorrectly located at a rating of 7.

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