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Digital Measuring Tape

The Syntek Digital Measuring Tape measurement device is a specially designed tape measure suitable for the self-assessment of girth or circumference measurements of any body part, including the arm, thigh, calf, chest, waist, hips. The compact easy to use device can store your measurements of up to nine different body parts, so you can compare to previous tests.

bluetooth tape measureFEATURES of the Digital Tape Measure

Similar Devices

OrbiTape girth tape measureMyotape

The MyoTape body tape measure has a push-button retraction and locking feature ensure snug measurement. The design ensures accurate measurements that can be done by yourself. 

OrbiTape girth tape measureOrbiTape

The Sequoia OrbiTape is very much like the products above. This device can be used by an individual to measure body girths using just one hand, so it is ideal for self-assessment. Measures in both imperial (inch) and metric (cm) up to 60 inches / 152 cm.

girth tape measure

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