Lafayette Skinfold Caliper

Lafayette Skinfold CaliperSkinfold calipers are used in the measurement of skinfold thickness and the estimation of total body fat. There are a range of skinfold calipers available, including these two from Lafayette Instruments.

Lafayette Calipers

The original Lafayette Skinfold Caliper ( #1127A) has been used widely. This caliper was known for accuracy and durable, and can still be found in many science laboratories. This caliper has an adjustable zero-point which allows you to reset the pointer back to zero. It was designed with the assistance of Dr. Andrew Jackson, co-author of the widely used Jackson-Pollock skinfold formulas. It appears to be not available anymore, with Lafayette now producing a new modern lightweight design.

Lafayette Skinfold Caliper II

The new Lafayette Skinfold Caliper II as you can see is a uniquely designed caliper, with features differentiating it from other calipers.


This product is available to purchase: Lafayette Instrument Skinfold Caliper II. Other skinfold calipers are also available in the Fitness Testing Store.

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