Radar Devices

A radar gun uses the Doppler Effect to detect the speed of objects. It transmits electromagnetic waves, which bounce off the object it is pointed at, returning to the device at a slightly different frequency. The radar detects the change in frequency, then computes this into a speed measurement.

There are many ways that such radar can be used in fitness testing, such as to measure the speed of a runner or throwing implement. See our page about using Radar in Fitness Testing.

This page is just information about radar devices in general. There is no specific product for sale - there is another page with some radars for sale. There is also a radar iphone app.

radar device for measuring speedradar device for measuring speed

Using a Radar for Sports

The radar can be held in the hand or placed on a tripod. To get correct speed readings most radar guns will need to be placed directly in the line of travel of the object to be clocked (in front or behind), otherwise only a component of the true speed will be measured.

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