Heart Rate Apps

You may be surprised that you can actually measure your heart rate using your smart phone. There are many Apps that can do this, I have reviewed and linked to the Instant Heart Rate app, the most popular free heart rate app available for both Android phones and Apple iphones and ipads.

How It Works

You measure your heart rate by placing your finger gently over the camera of your mobile device. The camera picks up the changes in blood flow by tracking color changes in the light that passes through your finger, corresponding to each beat of the heart. After only a few seconds it can determine your current heart rate, shown on the phone's display. This technique is the same as used in the medical field with pulse oximeters. This App works best on devices with a camera flash, as the light source is used to shine the light though the finger tissue. Otherwise, you can still use it in good lighting conditions. It also works best when you hands are warm.

heart rateFeatures

The Instant Heart Rate App has the following features:

If you have an android phone, you can get the Instant Heart Rate app from the play store.

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